Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

Male Hormone Therapy And Safety

Is Hormone Therapy Safe?Is hormone replacement therapy safe?  The short answer is yes.  However, it must be done correctly, it must include regular monitoring, and only bioidentical hormones should be used.

What We Mean By Correctly

For hormone replacement therapy to be done correctly, your hormones should be brought to healthy levels.  This can’t be done on a one size fits all basis.  Current levels should be determined via lab testing, and dosages should be customized depending upon lab results and how you feel.

Your hormones should also be properly balanced with one another.  You can’t look at any one hormone in a vacuum, because all of your hormones interact with each other (like the players on a football team).  Any action taken with one can affect one or more others. Safe hormone replacement means looking at everything together.

What We Mean By Monitoring

A properly administered hormone replacement program will include monitoring.  Many practitioners will give patients a prescription, and send them on their way with little or no follow-up.  This is irresponsible.  Hormone levels should be rechecked on a regular basis.  Depending upon test results and how you feel, dosage should be adjusted as appropriate.

A qualified and conscientious doctor will educate you on what to look for when hormones are not in balance.  (For example, too much estrogen might cause sore nipples or water retention, and too little testosterone could result in fatigue.)  This is what you can expect from your Renew Man™ doctor.  Your Renew Man™ doctor will educate and inform, and then work with you to determine the best treatment plan.

A high level of monitoring, communication, and interaction (as described above) equals greater safety.

And Only Bioidentical Hormones

Finally, when replacing hormones, only bioidentical hormones should be used.  Synthetic hormones should never be used.  For optimal results and safety, it’s important to work with a qualified physician who is trained in male hormone replacement therapy.  Renew Man™ is here to provide you with safe choices where male hormone replacement therapy is concerned.

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