Andropause and Low Sex Drive in Men

Low Sex DriveLow sex drive (or low libido) is defined as a desire for sex that is below normal.  What’s below normal?  Well….we tell our clients this:  if it isn’t working for you, it’s below normal.

While there are a number of reasons why a man’s sex drive might be low, a common cause is diminished hormones (testosterone especially) as a consequence of andropause (or male menopause).  All men will experience diminished hormone levels as they age, with the onset of symptoms being felt in the 40s for most men.  A man’s sex drive is driven by testosterone, which is responsible for stimulating nerve endings in the brain during arousal.  So if a man’s testosterone levels are low, his sex drive is likely to be low, too.

More On What Causes Low Libido In Men

Imbalances in testosterone, estrogen, and/or prolactin are the primary causes of low sex drive in men.  In the case of testosterone, deficiency is the culprit.  But in the case of estrogen and prolactin, too much of either can be a problem.

Excess estrogen (which is usually produced by an enzyme called aromatase, found within fat cells in the belly), or excess prolactin (secreted by the pituitary), will effectively “kill” a man’s sex drive. Prolactin makes women want to hug and nurture their children. In men, it may make you want to hug your wife, but will definitely kill your desire for sex. Our doctors test for these hormones (on a regular basis) as part of our treatment programs.

A man’s lifestyle can also cause low libido. Nutrition and fitness in particular can have a large impact on sexual desire, as can smoking and drinking. In general, healthy lifestyle choices not only contribute to better blood flow (and therefore better sexual function), but also supply energy and an overall feeling of wellness that increase sexual desire.

Treatment For Low Sex Drive In Men

Restoring testosterone to healthy levels via testosterone replacement therapy takes care of low sex drive in most andropausal men in 3-5 weeks.  It often takes care of sexual dysfunction, too, by causing the body to produce more nitric oxide—the building block of a healthy erection. To overcome low libido in men, it’s also critical that any excess estrogen or prolactin be monitored and controlled.

No man should have to live with a low libido.  Our network of qualified doctors can develop a program designed to address your specific needs. Contact us and discover for yourself what we can do for you.  You can call us at 800-859-7511, or fill out our contact form.