Estrogen In Men

EstrogenDid you know that women aren’t the only ones with estrogen in their bodies?  That’s right, men have estrogen, too—just not as much as women have.  Still, men do need this small amount to be healthy, and overall, estrogen is an important key to achieving hormone balance.

We don’t talk about estrogen as a hormone that is “replaced” in the male body; instead, it’s a hormone that needs to be controlled.  On the one hand, men do need a small amount of estrogen for things like maintaining strong bones.  Estrogen is also cardip protective in men. But it’s also really important that estrogen levels not get too high, as elevated estrogen levels in men can cause unpleasant symptoms (like weight gain and low sex drive), as well as serious health risks (like an increased risk for developing prostate cancer).

For these reasons, our doctors closely monitor and control estrogen levels to ensure that they’re optimized.  Due to the above mentioned risk factors, it may be necessary to decrease estrogen levels, and pinpoint why your estrogen levels are high, if that’s an issue.

Read on to learn more about estrogen in men, why elevated estrogen can be dangerous, and how estrogen levels can be safely decreased.

Some Facts About Male Estrogen

  • The male body needs a small amount of estrogen just as the female body needs a small amount of testosterone. High estrogen levels in men should be avoided.  Small amounts, however, help brain function, is cardio protective, and help to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Excess estrogen in men can be unhealthy. It counteracts the effects of testosterone, causes the body to retain water, causes sore nipples and swollen breasts, reduces sex drive, can cause the prostate to swell, and increases the risk for developing prostate cancer.
  • In the past, scientists believed that testosterone caused prostate cancer. This is not true. We now know that healthy testosterone levels actually support prostate health. It’s the conversion of testosterone to estrogen that increases the possibility for prostate problems.
  • Estrogen levels rise as men age and as their hormones decline. As they age, men tend to become more sedentary, allowing the body to accumulate fat—primarily belly fat. Fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.
  • Concentrations of estrogen in the prostate increase as men age.

The Dangers Of High Estrogen Levels In Men

Excess estrogen in men usually occurs as testosterone declines, because as testosterone declines, most men will accumulate fat–primarily belly fat. Fat contains an enzyme called aromatase; and aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen.  In other words, as men age, their body’s tend to exchange testosterone for estrogen.

As you process estrogen from your body, estrogen may metabolize to the metabolite 16-alpha-hydroxylestrone.  And then 16-alpha-hydroxylestrone can be metabolized to 4-alpha-hydroxyl, a carcinogen that can cause prostate cancer.

Interestingly, this is the same process that can occur in a woman’s breast.

Our doctors control high estrogen levels in men as part of our treatment programs.  In addition to controlling estrogen levels (if necessary), we ask all of our clients to take a supplement called DIM that helps estrogen to be metabolized down safe pathways.

How To Decrease Estrogen Levels In Men

When we raise testosterone to healthy levels during hormone replacement therapy, some testosterone can convert to excess estrogen (although this doesn’t happen in all men). Approximately 65% of our new clients at Renew Man™ have excess belly fat, and therefore may have an issue with testosterone being converted to estrogen.

Our doctors control estrogen levels as part of our treatment programs by placing men on an estrogen blocker (also called an aromatase inhibitor) if they need it. This means that our doctors use a medication to suppress estrogen conversion, at the same time as they’re increasing testosterone levels.

Meanwhile, these clients work on diet and exercise as part of their treatment program. Changes in diet and exercise, along with new healthier hormone levels, lead to remarkable results. In 3 to 6 months, most of our clients have lost their excess belly fat, and have stopped converting testosterone to estrogen. At this point, they can be taken off the estrogen blocker.

If you would like to know more about estrogen levels in men please give us a call at 800-859-7511. Or you can request a consultation through our contact form.   We’re here to answer your questions.