A note for you and the Doctor: I am feeling good, better than in a long time. My hair is growing again, and my body pains are greatly reduced. I have been wearing a brace on my left knee for 6 years, and have not been able to do cardio for over a year. No more brace and I am back to doing cardio. My body pains are greatly reduced, buy at least 85%. I no longer need pain pills to go to sleep. Everything is better. Thank you.


Thank you for great service and a great product.

Upon signing up for your program, I have the following observations:

After some mental contortions converting Mgs to Mls…through no fault of Renew Youth Centers, I got on the program. By way of background, I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I’ve been taking various cocktails to alleviate the tremors associated with PD. While Sinemet and sister drugs go a long way to reduce the symptoms, those with the disease know it gets progressively worse. One of the accompanying symptoms is joint and muscle pain…such that movement becomes labored and taxing. You know you’re asking for too much help when people see you coming and run away.

Looking for a solution, I came across Renew Youth Centers. After considerable discussion and becoming convinced that the organization was viable, not just another “Dr. Feelgood” organization, I ordered a two month’s supply of the product best suited for my condition.

Three days ago, I ran out. You really notice the positive effect of something when it goes away. Specifically:

  1. A level of pain in movement returned which discourages physical activity and turns you immediately into a member of the sloth family
  2. Attitude goes from upbeat to discouragement
  3. Desire to accomplish things and be productive seems to be non-existent
  4. You slur words because it takes too much energy to talk in a normal voice
  5. Finally every time you pick something up, it’s a yard sale. It seems you never get a grip strong enough to win the battle with gravity and that which you hold winds up on the floor.

I certainly don’t wish to over dramatize or make light of these symptoms. Combined, they can be a killer. The constant in my treatment regimen has been the HGH. With the HGH, the symptoms above are gone. Without it, you’ll live, or die with them. I am also aware that everyone reacts differently. Your results may be better or worse. I don’t know. What I do know is that it works for me.

Renew Youth Centers makes the whole process flow smoothly. They were quick to re-supply when the situation demanded. They worked with me to assure the dosage was the correct amount which can be daunting because no matter the amount, you’re always thinking, “I’m going to give myself an injection”. Overcoming that mental barrier can be a challenge. I’ve seen Marines and Soldiers pass right out when someone else was doing the administration. They assured me the process would be painless, and it was.

What is unique is the fact that after they received payment for their services, their professional attention did not diminish. They still answered every call, every question and responded with additional product when the circumstances demanded.

Give them a shot. They’ll give you one, and it’ll give you your life back.

Michael B.

You have been a blessing to me. Patiently explaining, researching in depth, making the two of us feel as though we were your only clients. Thank you for all that you have provided over the years. Your are a true gift!


I’m doing great. Really glad I started this program. It’s really been life changing.


It’s nice to know that customer service is alive and well still. You have always been easy to talk to and I appreciate it. I fully support the use of testosterone treatments and whatever I can do to promote mens health. I will be in touch… Thanks again.


I’m significantly ahead of the power curve for being healthy and fit for my age group (I am 55). I lift weights 5 days a week. I do kick boxing 3 days a week and I squeeze in 2-3 days of heavy spinning or hitting the trail for a quick 30 mile bike ride. I think I’m living proof that HRT is a good thing. I certainly enjoy my quality of life.


I am consistently impressed by the excellent service provided by your company. I have been working with your company for approximately 15 years and I have experienced excellent customer service at every point of contact. Keep up the great work!


With one of the lowest testosterone counts my doctor has ever seen, I will show you pictures of a changed man because of Testosterone Replacement! I feel like a million bucks!


This treatment has been definitely life changing. Back to my old or should be saying young self.
Thanks Again!


This is above and beyond what I could have asked for. What a great company. You have my business for life.

Will – California

Good afternoon from NYC!

I want to commend the entire team at Renew Youth.  My experience has been great… first class service combined with authentic and individual care…Thanks!


Thank you!! Appreciate the swift response to my needs – great customer service!!

Anonymous, CEO

The way I feel and carry out missions is like night and day since I started this therapy. It’s kind of how a cardiac patient didn’t realize how sick he was until he had his arteries opened… Good stuff.

U.S. Soldier currently deployed in the Middle East

The best thing I’ve ever done for myself. They will have to pry my testosterone vial out of my cold dead hands.


Renew Man™ has changed my life.I thought my days of energy, strength and stamina were over.Thanks to the thoughtful and professional services from the folks at Renew Man™ I feel better than ever. I feel and look better at 54 than I did at 40 – with more muscle, less fat, more focused concentration and I sleep better as well.

Mike – San Francisco

In the year since I first contacted Renew Man™ about male hormone replacement therapy it is no exaggeration to say that my life has been transformed. My lean muscle mass has increased, my waist is down four inches, my lipids are normal and my energy has increased. My sex drive is back to where it was twenty years ago, but also my memory, concentration and mood have improved. I quit taking antidepressants and people have started commenting on how well I look for my age (48), especially in the last six months. There’s no going back for me now. This is just a better life.

Doug – Indianapolis

Four years ago – age 44– I read the symptoms of andropause and thought “that is me” I went to a doctor who performed many tests and found that I had very low testosterone. At first he gave me a gel which did nothing. The doctors then started giving me shots every two weeks. The results were similar to a roller coaster. I would feel better then I would slide down. I knew there had to be a better way – that there was something not right about my dosing. I contacted Renew Man™ and met with their doctors. The result was low dose testosterone twice a week to keep me even. The results have been amazing. The first thing you notice after a few weeks is elevated mood, increased energy and increased libido. I started walking more, taking the stairs when I could, eating better. I then added Pilates and eventually weightlifting. Within 9 months of becoming a client I was able to fit back into my old jeans size 33 I lost 5 inches around my midsection and got my body in great shape. I wish I could have taken a before and after picture to show everyone my transformation. I am now 48 years old and people half my age want to know how they can get a body like mine. My chest, arms, and legs have all made impressive gains in the past 3 years. The only drawback is your going to need to buy a new wardrobe. I’ve never been happier with body and myself as I am right now. Thanks Guys

George – New York

Over the past 24 weeks I have done 2 ten week supervised exercise programs that initially rotated cardio, plyometrics(sp) and weight training where I committed to 6 days/wk, one hour/day. They did before and after pictures and weight and body fat tests before, half way and at the end. Before I started the first session I was 290 lbs (heaviest ever) and 34% body fat. I finished that program at 268 lbs and 29% body fat.

The next program was cardio/kickboxing and weight training rotating each day, one hour/day, 6 days/week. This program did the same measurements but added hips, waist, chest, thigh and biceps and tested a 1 mile run, situps/pushups in one minute and flexibility. They also took before and after pictures. They did a pretest, halfway and the final test was last Saturday. I now weigh 252 lbs, body fat is 23.3% and I ran the mile in 8:58, 65 push ups and 60 sit ups in a minute and my flexibility improved by 18%. My goal weight is 225 lbs and body fat in the mid to high teens. I would also really like to get rid of my sleep apnea machine as a long term goal.

Rick S. (on his progress relating to his physical fitness goals after beginning treatment)

About a year ago, I found myself unable to physically keep up with my goals, both physical and business oriented. I decided I would elucidate my understanding of the natural processes that occur to men at my age (40). I encountered a myriad of articles on the internet addressing male Andropause. It was at this time, I discovered, the symptoms of Andropause and I had all the symptoms; I was a classic case! Before this time, I assumed, that my decline of energy was associated with over working myself. I was experiencing ambivalence, in my physical and more so with any of my future business aspirations that required me to travail and traverse, in order to actualize them. There was the intention to “get things done”, however, I lacked the physical and mental grit. After deciding to go forward with hormone therapy. The next question was, with which hormone therapy clinic. I called A LOT of clinics. Ultimately, I decided to use Renew Man™. They had the most information based site on the internet, but, they also had the best value of all the clinics I contacted. They are always there to answer questions and exercise the utmost professionalism and customer service. It has been a year since I started. I feel GREAT! I am enjoying activities with the zest and vigor as when I was 22! I am materializing all my business goals as well! My energy levels are through the roof and I am exceeding all my expectations. Did I mention, my sex drive has returned full swing too! The true benefit? Along with the return of my energy and youth; I also have the mental maturity that life naturally endows you with time and experience. I now have the best of two Worlds! Thank you Renew Man™.


Alexander – New Jersey

It was hard to admit that I had lost my interest in going to work, being a lover to my wife, being a parent, getting out of bed and doing much of anything at all. I was wondering if this feeling was ever going to subside? I tried going to my doctor and he offered me anti-depressants. I refused to take them because one of the symptoms is low sex drive; I don’t need my sex drive to sink any lower than it was already. My wife kept badgering me to see a hormones doctor but this is where the stubborn part comes in. I don’t want to feel this way, but as the man of the family I don’t want to feel like I am letting my family down. I was surfing the web and found Renew Man™. My life has totally changed. The staff at Renew Man™ was very professional. They talked to me about my symptoms and assured me that what I was experiencing was quite normal for my age. My lab testing confirmed that I was suffering from low hormones. I also needed to work on my lifestyle issues particularly my diet. I met with a Renew Man™ physician, received my medications and instructions on how to administer them. Three to four weeks later I was feeling like a new man. My only regret is not being so macho and stubborn and doing something sooner. Thank you Renew Man™.

Peter – Cincinnati

The Renew Man™ testosterone program has restored my vitality and vigor. I’m 49 but I feel 25 years younger. I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds, and I’m in the best physical shape ever. There are no long-term commitments, surprises, or hidden costs, and Renew Man™ supported me every step of the way–staying with the program couldn’t be easier. Quite simply, Renew Man™ is the best hormone replacement therapy program out there.

Jonathan – California

I have been in Renew Man™ program for close to a year now I can assure you the products are safe the doctors are real and the support team is great. I feel great, look great and I’m loaded with energy. Grow old gracefully? Not a chance!!!!!Thank you so much!!

Steve – New York City

Hey guys, I just had my 58th birthday and realized that it is also my 10th anniversary with Renew Man™. Ten years ago, on my 48th birthday, I gave myself a birthday present – I started with Renew Man™. I hold it out as one of the best and smartest things I have ever done. With your help, I feel great, look great and my wife and family kinda like me too. When I came to Renew Man™ I wanted to feel better but I was also concerned about a couple of chronic illnesses that run in my family – there have been no symptoms so far.I know the staff at Renew Man™ as if they were part of my family. Thank you for being there and here’s to the next 10 years of Renew Man™.

Michael – Dallas

We both agree since starting treatment, I am a “new man”. My wife should be writing this – it was her idea that I do so. My wife contacted Renew Man™ about two years ago. She had read an article about male menopause and told me she thought the article was about me. She showed me a list of symptoms and yes she was right, it was talking about me. She went online and found Renew Man™. We both agree since starting treatment, I am a “new man”. I want to thank you for being there. I have thanked my wife many times for finding you and putting us together. My wife and I look forward to a long continued happy relationship with Renew Man™.By the way, your staff is great!!

Tom – Jacksonville

I look good, feel good and my love life is no longer just a memory.When I contacted Renew Man™ about 5 yrs ago, I was a man by birth only. I was 20 pounds overweight, tired, little to no motivation and a sex drive that was only a memory. I am sorry to say my marriage had become a “habit”. With the help of Renew Man™ the past five years have been great. I look good, feel good and my love life is no longer just a memory. The added benefit has been my work. As you know I am an attorney. My practice has rejuvenated and so has my financial rewards. Much thanks and I look forward to a continued productive relationship.

Paul – Kansas City

I have been with Renew Man™ for 4 years and without being too trite, Renew Man™ has helped me become a “new man”. For the first few months after starting my treatment program, my results were good but not great. I had not dedicated myself to doing the “heavy lifting” primarily on diet and exercise. Renew Man™ played “dutch uncle” with me. In respectful but firm counseling they told me to “get with it” and do my part. As they suggested, I worked on developing good lifestyle habits, setting overall objectives then working on small pieces over the next several months. In what seemed like no-time I was there, new healthy habits and a new life. Thank you guys—

Tony – Denver

Just a note to thank you for giving my husband back to me. Jack has been on the Renew Man™ program for about 6 months. I can’t begin to describe the difference. He is happy, motivated and active to the point that I am not sure I can keep up with him. As you suggested, and with Jack’s concurrence, I took over Jack’s diet. He eats what I prepare for him. If he cooks, I plan the menu. I serve from the stove – one balanced plate, no seconds. The “red flag foods”, crackers and bread, have been removed from the house. New habits have already taken route. Jack has lost 25 pounds and I can’t keep my hands off him.

I have enclosed a before and after picture.Thanks again.

Paula – Seattle

I met with my Renew Man™ Doctor today. What a great guy. We have agreed on a course of treatment and I am excited to get started. I know what to expect from Renew Man™. More importantly I know what to expect from myself. I have never developed what Renew Man™ describes as healthy lifestyle habits. I know what I want to accomplish and I have broken down my objectives into manageable pieces. With the assistance of my new hormones I know it is very doable. You have all been great and I am excited about working with you.

Jake – Charlotte

Prior to starting with Renew Man™ I worked on my male menopause symptoms with my family doctor. The experience was to say the least frustrating. To interact with the doctor, I had to make an appointment two weeks in the future. I now know the doctor did the wrong tests and gave me a prescription he thought was safe and probably gave to all male menopause men who visit him – 50mg of topical cream to apply each morning. I felt nothing and if anything I felt worse – I think I was converting to estrogen.Since contacting Renew Man™ I am so much better informed. They are there to answer my questions whenever I need them – no waiting 2 weeks. My Renew Man™ doctor is very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in MY needs. I feel great. Thank you Renew Man™ Team!!

Mark – Phoenix

I have been working with Renew Man™ for eight years. My Renew Man™doctor is great and the staff has never let me down – they are knowledgeable and always there when I need them. If there is any doubt regarding information that is shared, the staff looks for firm information or puts me in touch with the “expert”. I particularly like Jim, PhD pharmacist from the compounding pharmacy. It amazes me sometimes, how well I feel I know these people – but – other than my doctor I have never met them face to face. I pass through the Atlanta airport – one of these times I need to visit these people I know so well.

Stephen – Tampa

I am 58 years old. When I started with Renew Man™ four years ago I was, in my opinion, a mess. Over weight and had all the symptoms commonly listed for andropause. I was also the classic “Doubting Thomas”, skeptical that this could really work. I was first taken aback a bit by the frankness and honesty of the Renew Man™ staff. Put simply there is no “BS”. I told them if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it all. By all I meant all of the hormones. I was told respectfully “that is fine, but unless you are ready to do your part I would question the wisdom of making the dollar investment in Renew Man™ treatment”. I made the commitment and have worked hard to do “my part”. I have never looked back and could not be happier with the results. As to the “dollar investment”, my business has thrived even through the recession. Why? Because with Renew Man’s™ help I have gone from “a mess” to the “kick butt guy” I used to be. Thanks Renew Man™!!

Terry – Chicago

I came to Renew Man™ as a “retread” from another program. What a difference a phone call makes. When I called Renew Man™, I was frustrated with a lack of response to my needs and mediocre results I was getting from the program I had been in for about 8 months. I called Renew Man™ to ask a question and received a concise professional answer. That question led to several other questions—I had no idea how hungry I was for information. Twenty minutes later, through no prompting by the Renew Man™ staff member I spoke with, I asked “What would it take to work with you?”.I have been with Renew Man™ for two years and couldn’t be happier. Great results and I still ask questions and still get good answers.

Tom – New Jersey